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effortlessly winging one of the basic oxymora of fashion, paper london surprised with delicate color blocking in their beautiful, super-feminine collection. riding high on disclosure’s “when a fire starts to burn”, this show was indeed quite the firestarter.

a sort of disappointment came from the hands and minds of glaw – an overly commercial collection every piece of which one could immediately see sell well. and bore you to pieces.

romanian wunderkind ioana ciolacu went comfy in her casual collection. her woolen coats and cotton dresses from a pale, yet warm pallette were cuddly yet pointed in details. the classic rock soundtrack made this stage show a true feel-good moment.

ben weide, who was showing at a somewhat weird off location, ended up a scratch due to an ill-advised schedule set-up and the crippling lack of shuttle service into the middle of nowhere.

however, sticking around for rike feurstein was absolutely worth it. cramming all the joy of fashion into ten minutes – vivid colors, fabrics so pure you could all but feel their touch in the seats, live dogs (!) – her show was one big goosebump!

zukker turned things down a few notches in their runway-turned-installation second stage presentation: understated robes and kimonos in dark tones with few highlights in color (ever-present mustard made another appearance), presented by a perfect cast of models.

while staying true to her (all-black | edgy | some military allusions) esther perbandt went beyond fashion: the runway was turned into one long chalkboard, with some models using long sticks to leave traces of chalk – a statement to make aware of the problem of illiteracy and a specifically designed app called “irmgard”. courageous.