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if you have an idea of what a runway show should be like, anja gockel once more lived up to it. super-sensual, incredibly rich in diversity (brown leather coats | silk blouses | multi-color-dyed fur accessoires), on-the-mark casting, backed by a congenial soundtrack: it made perfect sense to finish the show with the words “all my senses come to live” lingering in the air.

seek, simple, some see-through sexiness – aleks kurkowski‘s all-black collection, staged as a roundtrip runway on the second floor, was perfect for what it strives to be.

skipped lena hoschek as, despite yet another agency handling her pr, the show was once again heavily, heavily overbooked.

barre noire decided to use the second stage for a runway show as well, but decided to let it fade into an installation – nice touch! the collection itself was masterful as well, elegantly ignoring the lines between menswear and womenswear while avoiding the androgyny tag. soft and delicate designs in natural colors (olive | blackberry | lilac), styled in perfect understatement.

rebekka ruetz‘s collection “a fairytale” was hit-or-miss, at times strong and brave, other times awkwardly overdone with shoulder pads and chains hammering home her continuing amazon theme. the only colors came with prints.

off now into the night: a whole bunch of presentations and parties (including the revamped bread & butter’s get-together) and the mbfwb show of holy ghost at ho berlin. please…
…to stay tuned!