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when excitement was bitterly needed at the beginning of the fourth and final day of mercedes-benz fashion week berlin, isabell de hillerin failed to energize. the designs were classy, but all to plain, staying in calm waters even in the pallette (clearly trending: blackberry and lilac).

thankfully, the wake-up call was scheduled right afterwards by thomas hanisch: oversize blazers and super-dramatic dresses in all shades of red, framed by invigorating industrial sounds and an amazing styling featuring beautiful hairdos and tons and tons of lipstick. perfection!

ewa herzog kept the rush of blood going with a decidedly sexy presentation: lacy evening attire with a clear focus on the silhouette, styled with pointed heels and silk stockings, this one took us back to the eighties.

university project studio30ph asked for all your attention as their show was so gigantic that it was easy to miss the beautifully crafted details in this all-nude, yet stunningly diverse collection.

playing with elements of street style (bold colors, massive silhouettes), vektor‘s collection was still heavy and lacked elegance. the strong cast of models saved this second stage show from drowning.

irene luft made the crowd hold their collective breath with her extremely sensual slow-motion runway show. confronting leather skirts with at times all but invisible lace and donning her models with leather masks, her collection toyed around intensely with the realms of lingerie and fetish fashion. sexy!

hungarian design duo use unused made the common mistake of trying to work with one too many ideas at the same time. pastel colors crashing with muddy grays and olive, tenderness with almost militaristic precision, their collection never quite found into its own. their trousers were splendid, though.

static installation, quiet designs, all-grey – and all of this close to the end of a four-day marathon: whitetail‘s presentation at the second stage desperately needed the life support from its splendid casting and some excellent model jobs.

it was up to marina hoermanseder to wrap up fashion week and, quite in style, she did it with a bang: edgy and provocative in posture, selfconfident and eclectic in color (indigo | carmine | lobster), and crowned by a few way-out-there pieces stylists all over the world will already be craving for now, this was one hell of a showstopper.