david lurie – undercity – the other cape town


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in his bipartite photographic essay undercity – the other cape town (published at hatje cantz), cape town native david lurie sets out to shed light on his hometown’s hidden, often shoddy beauty, deconstructing the popularized image of the city as a shiny boom town. whereas the morning after dark series, its title almost ironic, focuses on life and loss in the shadows, writing in the city displays a keen eye to…

…the plethora of placards, banners, billboards, posters, words and images, which inform and direct us, regulate our movements, mould our desires, and sometimes surprise and disturb us.

it is in the images of this second series, sometimes resting upon, but more often striving beyond the shabby charme of street art, exploring places and pieces of power and meaning idiosyncratic to their environment, that undercity – the other cape town is the most vivid, and the most important…