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one of our highlights at  this year’s edition of dutch design week (click here for our full coverage) was hidden in plain sight. on ketelhuisplein, the central square of the buzzing strijp-s area in the west of eindhoven’s city center, skatepark areafiftyone hosted “disposition”, a spatial installation by mo man tai designer ulrike jurklies. along a short hallway, colorful plastic objects built from leftovers of a belgian production company specialized on visors were positioned over likewise colorful illustrations, providing new perspectives with every step and, as some of the pieceswere in motion, every second. from what could have been a thousand shots, these were our favorites…

161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_01161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_02 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_03 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_04 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_05 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_06 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_07 161028_nltc_ddw16_disposition_08