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the people at hard rock cafe sure know how to prepare a great burger, but the food truck does not stop there: for vegetarian awareness month 2016 (october 1 is world vegetarian day) a special menu was composed to expand the range of vegetarian options (and even offer some vegan choices) with a total of six new dishes. the highlights, most certainly, were two new salads, most notably a most delicious darling based on quinoa (pico de gallo | rucola | walnut | cranberry), with a new burger (cauliflower | goat chesse | zucchini | pumpkin | aioli) delivering a great one-two-punch. cauliflower wings, raunchy ratatouille flatbread and wraps, and a fantastic greek yoghurt martini complete the menu, which is available through november 13 at hard rock cafes worldwide. let’s hope some of these dishes stick around for good!

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