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while it was actually zaha hadid’s work that drew us to innsbruck (check out the links at the end of this text!), we were sure this design-crazy city would have a lot to offer in terms of interesting hotels. from a range of options we went with the nala in the up-and-coming wilten district.

the smart 2013/2014 rebuild on the skeleton of the former hotel mozart deliberately incorporated the work of a plethora of designers and artists to create an atmosphere that feels like equal parts gallery and playground. with a variety of concepts in color, fabric, interior, and light architecture, no room is alike. the nala is not all splashy surface, either: for example, the hotel uses a subterranean water-based system instead of a conventional air con. anyways, these were our favorite shots…

oh, and if you still decide to leave your lovely room to check out the area: how about a quick walk over to the bergiselschanze or a trip up to the hungerkette via the hungerburgbahn?

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