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a few months ago, the chance to see several stunning designs by zaha hadid lured us to innsbruck, the capital of tyrol. little did we know, of course, that by the time of our arrival the world-famous iranian architect would just have passed away. hence, sadly enough, our trip turned into a long goodbye, an homage to one of the great artistic visionaries of our time. after our take on the bergiselschanze, we headed to the nordkette on other side of the valley in which innsbruck so beautifully sits…

for first stage of the ascent, the hungerburgbahn takes you through four stations all designed by hadid. inspired by the areas alpine landscape, hadid created four mini-glaciers which seemingly are without weight or color and in their construction’s effortless fluidity take on ever-changing shapes and forms as one passes by and through them – architecture as close to magic as it gets. these are our favorite shots…

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