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while the netherlands or pretty much every country in scandinavia are well known for their excellence in graphic design and layout, you might as well be aware as not of the significant role of austrian talent in this field. nora stögerer‘s voluminous master thesis, which draws its title from a quote by cultural historian bernhard denscher and is now getting a beautiful release through suisse publishing house triest, does away with what after the book’s perusal feels like an egregious lapse in the broad public’s perception. comprising of three parts, an historical contextualization, interviews with contemporary austrian designers, and a dead-cool actual design project (involving offices like grafikum, seite zwei, or typejockeys) in itself, bekannte unbekannte serves as rich compendium, insightful magazine, and piece of art at the same. what more could you get out of a single book?

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bekannte unbekannte – grafikdesign in österreich
nora stögerer
hardcover, 456 pages (german only)