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if you are going to place a building into an area that rightfully claims to be the “diamond of the alps”, you better make sure it is able to hold its own in light of the stunning natural habitat surrounding it.

the brand new top mountain crosspoint in hochgurgl in austria’s ötztal masterfully achieves this goal. resembling a slender snowdrift, the building’s elegant energy allows it to just about protrude above its neighboring slope. it’s not all about appearance, either: to equal parts base station, toll station, restaurant, and museum to an impressive range of vintage motorcycles, local architect michael brötz (who pulled off the impossible by joining the design competition a mere six weeks before the deadline, yet running away with the price) makes most of the elevated ground it covers, while at the same time never feeling crowded.

neverleavetheclouds was proud to be invited to the official opening this past december. these were our favorite perspectives…

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