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observing the houses nearly sixty years after they were built allows us to see how the vision behind them, and the american model they advanced, has played out sociologically. by looking at this model from the past, we are assisted in imagining how we might literally and figuratively construct our notions of ‘home’ in the future.

the closing sentences of kaylynn deveney‘s introduction to all you can lose is your heart (published at kehrer) read like they are taken from an exam paper. that’s a shame, really, as to the reader, or rather observer, her photographs of storybook ranch houses in nevada, oklahoma, california, and her homestate of new mexico are all fun and no academics. through cute details and charming oddities, we are let, if not into the houses, then at least onto the lawns right outside, and invited for a guessing game of whether or how a façade’s character will be reflected on the inside of house and owner as well. care to join in?

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