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almost relegated to obscurity by harbingers of a glistening tomorrow like glass and steel, the most traditional building material of them all, wood, is experiencing a renaissance. paying testament to this development is 100 contemporary wood buildings (taschen), a colossal, two-volume, 5.298 kilogramm compendium that will take you around to globe, to and into some of the most fascinating wooden compositions in modern architecture: from the kuokkala church in finnland’s jyväskylä to the kona residence in hawaii, from a lake house in friedrichswalde, germany, to the jean-marie tjibaou cultural center in nouméa, new caledonia, to the, yes, museum of wood in mikata, hyogo, japan. structured by architects rather than location or project, the books permanently keep you on edge, turning its 600+ pages, jam-full with lush photographs, floor plans, and illustrations into an ever-exciting journey.

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100 contemporary wood buildings
philip jodidio
hardcover, two volumes (slipcase), 656 pages