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as some people might know, neverleavetheclouds originally came into being at the student hotel in amsterdam  nieuw west, an award-winning hybrid of medium-stay appartment solution and classical hotel. it was hence with great delight that we accepted the invitation to check out the newest addition to the small chain’s portfolio: a huge building of a former publishing house located on the so-called “knowledge mile” in amsterdam oost. these were our favorite looks from the venue, whose playful trademark look has been defined once more by renowned design agency …,staat (sic!)…

neverleavetheclouds_tsh_02 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_03 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_04 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_05 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_06 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_07 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_08 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_09 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_10 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_11 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_12 neverleavetheclouds_tsh_13