there were three cafés on my schedule for this week, all quite distinct from one another. so i thought, why not throw them all together in one feature – especially since they are all located in different parts of amsterdam west…



open for not even four months, this cozy corner cafe is another recent addition to the gastro scene of oud-west (and alluringly close to the spaghetteria). while you can have lunch here, the focus lies on an extended breakfast: cakes baked on the spot, fresh bread from around the corner, all kinds of coffee of course – and a super-juice that you can basically see come into being with your own eyes.

by the way, berry is part of a small conglomerate of young entrepreneurs, which also involves a fashion showroom, a design studio and a sustainability project. feel free to ask berry-owner tiemen for more details!





for ages, jan van galenstraat was an altogether lifeless feeder street connecting amsterdam’s city center to the highway. it still pretty much is but things are changing. testament to that is not just, of course, the student hotel but also rue. with this café near the crossing of admriaal de ruijterweg, owner mijoux realized a life-long dream of a real neighborhood gathering point. the name itself alludes to that, as the rue de sèvres of paris’s fame is where her father spent his childhood and where now several small biological gastro places create their own kind of neighborhood.


and as we touch upon that object: besides the delicious homemade cakes the winner on the menu are ever-changing smoothies. the one pictured above is made freshly from pear, banana, avocado, and a bit of rocket to give it a nice bite!

white label coffee


this charming third-wave espresso bar near mercatorplein has been namedropped on the blog a few times already – makes sense, as i really like their no-bullshit take on just plain excellent coffee. that being said, it is here where i discovered what might be the hit of the season: cascara, an infusion-like drink based on the coffee-cherry. served on the rocks, it is nothing short of the perfect summer sip.


we saved the best for last: to allow the amsterdam-based readers of this blog to find that out for themselves, white label coffee, the student hotel, and yours truly are giving away 30 coupons for a free coffee (residents of the student hotel only). just like the facebook page of this blog and like / tweet / share this post and one is yours! be quick or be – thirsty!