so this is the kind of weather that so luckily i had evaded all this time. until this week.

when all hell broke loose.


the dutch, however, often referring to themselves as the complaining kind, apparently don’t mind at all. while i was in permanent conversation with god yesterday after eclipsing death by bike lane aqua-planing several times, a colleague of mine was proudly talking about the rain pants she keeps carrying around in her bag all day to be on the safe side. these people are prepared!

a bad thing this weather does to you: even with all the good humor in the world, an outdoor food market like rollende keukens can’t be any fun. not that i went there to check!

good things this weather does to you: check out things inside. so i saw two very different exhibitions these days: the brand-new “the art of the brick” (by nathan sawaya) at amsterdam expo; and “de atlassen” at het schepvaartsmuseum.


now, i think sawaya’s original artworks are so-so – at best. but his 3d/2d re-interpretations of classic pieces bei artists like munch, kanagawa (pictured) or van gogh are absolutely worth the trip to zuid. that holds true even more so for the excellent, excellent “de atlassen”. designed by atelier brückner (and actually just one of seven exhibitions the german agency created for the museum), it is both informative and pure pleasure to dive into the history of dutch atlas crafting. doesn’t sound too hot? believe me, it will amaze you! free tours can be joined throughout the next weeks. check back with the website for details!

of course you could also stay true to your favorite couch and dedicate yourself to a book. two fit the current purpose of this blog quite well: ewout huibers picture coffee table volume “amsterdam” (terra lannoo) and the more delicate “soft atlas of amsterdam” (nieuw amsterdam), a collection of illustrations crammed with tongue-in-cheek commentary on the pretty oddities of this lovely cities.

or, from tomorrow, you visit the ot301 for the three-day urban art festival amsterdam! check the full program at its facebook event – and follow this blog on instagram which i will probably flood with great graffiti!


and if none of all that does the trick for you – brighter days are coming. this weekend, too, i hear.