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always a highlight in the dutch design week calendar, you are here fashion store owner ellen albers’s fashion initiative modebelofte did leave a lasting impression on its visitors once again. after last year’s “adaptive traveler” installation overs the roofs of eindhoven, the cast of upcoming designers reanimated an abandoned corner store in the city’s shopping area. the diy setup of “digital realists” (running through october 29) played out like a berlin techno party in the good old days, all concrete and transparent plastic and liberating space and confining beats. tearing at the threads by which the separation of analogue and digital realities seems to hang these days, the designs, as colorful and daringly progressive as we have become used to with modebelofte, and often material studies in progress rather than polished results, envision a world in which blade runner might look like a period piece. these are our favorite shots from an installation whose ever-changing light situation intentionally turned taking pictures into a game of luck…

all photography: neverleavetheclouds
video artwork and animation: leeza pritychenko