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within an area so luxurious it feels odd to use the technically appropriate term ‘village’ for it, it is quite a remarkable feat to create something outstanding. newly opened huus hotel, overlooking traditionally grandezza prone gstaad, has done just that. sidestepping the lure of adding another alpine chic contender to an already dense market, the hotel, whose name is a play on the word “home”, opted for a colorful, scandinavian design (erik johansen as of stylt‘s fame in cooperation with local architect peter kohler) that feels both unique in this setting and warmly familiar if you are looking at the bigger picture. the amenities show imagination and fantasy, with the beautiful bar design playing off the region’s breathtaking mountainous skyline, a playful menu at house restaurant la vue, and and the cave, a craved gstaad party hotspot of yore, now being used as a tapas bar. these are our favorite shots…

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this trip was supported by mystsnet.com who provided us with a swiss travel pass. taking the scenic train route from bern’s small airport out to the well secluded city of gstaad was a perfect trip through winter wonderland, the last leg of which had to be taken in a historic traincar right out of a fairytale.