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In the middle of the indian ocean, at the heart of the baa atoll, the little road boats comes to a stop. finolhu – maldivian for “sandbank” – the bigger kani island’s elegant sister.

the view through the white tunnel focuses on a small green dot and pulls one into the island. geometrical, futuristic, so very different from the landscape’s soft shapes, the pier creates solar energy for the entire island and its visitors. the contrast between nature and architecture is omnipresent, the simple, straight constractions setting off against curved palmtrees and the ever-evolving surf. beauty, elegance and memory inspired the work of japanese architect yuji yamazaki and french interior designer meriem hall.

a day at club med finolhu villas starts with a gaze across the ocean, with the only decision to be made being whether one wants to be awaken by sunlight or to go to bed with sunrise – depending on the alignment of one’s villa. a step onto the terrace makes the unreal beauty of this world somewhat palpable, the dense tropical garden in the back, the blue lagoon and a glimpse of the wonderful world of the reef ahead. schools of colorful fish are darting and dashing around, while the faint line of the horizon keeps the sky’s blue from melting with the turquois of the reef. never does one lose sight of this breathtaking spectactle. breakfast can be enjoyed on the terrace, all walls are glassed, bed and bath tub are facing the ocean. its salt fills the air as the wind slaps the palm fronds against each other. the beauty of it all is surreal.

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