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after more than four years of work, the former heitkzraftwerk dresden-mitte, a mid-19th-century industrial complex in the saxon capital’s city center, is bound to come to life again. under the slightly revamped moniker kraftwerk mitte dresden, the 39.000 m² premises will be home to both the staatsoperette dresden and the renowned youth theater company tjg. theater junge generation, as well as several other cultural entities (some of which already opened shop here a while ago) and charming new café t1. before the official opening celebration on december 16, we took a tour of the area. these are our favorite shots from this location that is as exciting for what is bound to happen here as for its marvelous industrial architecture…

kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_02 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_03 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_04 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_05 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_06 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_07 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_08 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_09 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_10 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_11 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_12 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_13 kraftwerk_mitte_dresden_neverleavetheclouds_161204_14