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deconstructivism can be so liberating. for her beautifully simple, stunningly effective monographic exhibition le gypse, spanish artist lara almarcegui has destroyed the white cubes that used to organize the space on the first floor of casino luxembourg – forum d’art contemporain and has turned them into a monumental landscape of plaster spanning almost the entire the length of the art forum’s big hall.

after three months of remodeling, the casino reintroduces itself to the public new and improved, while stil cherishing its 19th century history as a casino bourgeois. almarcegui’s show reflects the institution’s past (in a cute coincidence, the twenty tons her artwork weighs correspond with the twenty years the casino has been in existence) and, elegantly and brutally at the same time, propels it into the present and beyond. the majestic quality of the hall is really shining now and will inspire many an artist to literally think big. this central piece is complemented by several studies on the building’s material constitution and mineral foundation.

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by the way, the casino’s ground floor features a black box with monthly installations of video art (the first six months will highlight artists from luxemburg), and another screening room showcasing videos from the popular casino channel.

le gypse will be on display through september 4, 2016.