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the fourth installation of the illusive series published at gestalten comes at a crossroads for the metier. as john o’reilly, editor of varoom magazine, notes in his introduction, outlets, perception, even the heart of the art itself are subject to fundamental change, “giving illustration so many more purposes beyond that of looking good on the printed page.”

first and foremost, and rightfully so, he is thinking of digital design for apps and websites, yet here we are with another with another compendium that will be heavy on our bookshelves. thankfully, it goes oh so lightly on our souls. and while hopefully the next edition of illusive will include a usb device to allow us to enjoy those illustrations that need to move to really breathe, right now we could harldy think of anything more beautiful than withdrawing from the world for a while and getting lost in the wonders of this 400 page tome…

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contemporary illustration part four
john o’reilly, robert klanten, sven ehmann
full color, hardcover, 400 pages