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some places cause a splash when they arrive on the scene, while others introduce themselves quietly, almost shyly, yet at the end of your first visit make you feel like you’ve known them all along. the mymy in prenzlauer berg clearly belongs to the latter category, and a good part of the reason why is the passion owner shahin shahroudi brings to his restaurant every night.


shahroudi made his first encounter with gastronomy doing stints at several classy restaurants in order to finance his studies (the relentless workaholic also runs a successful tech company on nearby torstraße) and finally realized a dream with the opening of mymy this past march.

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the mymy’s other strength is, of course, its excellent euro-asian grill cuisine. literally every dish we tried was a true highlight. amongst the to-share tapas starters, the wild herb salad with duck dim sim (shiitake | nam jim) stood out, as did the tatakis of thinly-cut lukewarm beef on kimchi (a nice fusion of japanese and korean influences) and cold tuna on house dressing-drenched slices of cucumber and apple; the mains won us over with heartily smoked pork ribs (pak choi | leek | teriyaki) and a cute pork slider (caper | lemon-based mayonnaise).

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after all this, it seemed impossible for the dessert to go one better, yet the rightfully coined “happy ending” threw us for a loop: the heavenly granny smith apple granité (shahroudi has the pulp imported from france) on a bed of chocolate beans, peanuts, and mint, was delicious beyond words.


“i don’t want people to leave my restaurant breathing heavily”, says shahroudi. indeed, we wandered off as light as a bunch of happy clouds.


all photography by nora römer.