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when life truly surprises you it creates memories that stick with you for a long time, possibly forever. this is exactly what happened when we stepped off the train in slovenian town sevnica on the look for a small vineyard and instead stumbled upon a café about to set shop in one of the towers of grad sevnica, the castle overlooking the town whose houses cuddle next to the sava river.

grajska kavarna will open august 1, and its lovely owner klemen lisec was in the middle of unboxing some pieces of interieur when we ran into him. to the soundtrack of neoclassical darlings penguin café orchestra, one of lisec’s favorites, and overlooking the beautiful countryside from the big sit-in windows or the terrace, there will be excellent coffee and a choice of wines as well as some easy snacks. however, the true gain lies in relishing in the warmth and joy with which lisec is going about realizing his lifelong dream. everybody should consider taking a little detour if they happen to be in slovenia!

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