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isn’t there a synesthete in each and every one of us? &samhoud places in amsterdam has what it takes to tickle that part of our inner being. in celebration of van gogh year 2015 (have a look at this earlier post!), the fine dining restaurant has created a special “van gogh menu” based on the color palette of vincent the great. as is being explained at the outset of the dinner (and illustrated on material that comes with it), each of the six courses features two adjoining colors and their combination – and features a dash of the respective contrasting color on the plates.

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following a smart appetizer (dark black: bella fonte potato emulsion | truffle, an allusion to vincent’s chalk sketches), two brilliant cold starters (blue green… turquoise: young mackerel | salty plants | coriander pesto | sour cream | anna gold caviar & red violet… granate: red mullet | raspberry | yoghurt of violets) pave the way for the first of the main courses: red orange… capucine (oosterschelde lobster | orange | grand marnier bisque | coconut | vanilla), inspired by vincent’s famous sunflower paintings, is a pleasure beyond words and even outdoes the second main; orange yellow… saffron (anjou pigeon | mandarin | corn | saffron sabayon | jus fenugreek). the dessert (blue violet… campanula: blue berry soufflé | violet ice cream) is a play on the heaviness of vincent’s dying days, infusing its sweetness with a touch of bitter.

this unforgettable dining experience in pictures…

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