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now in it’s eleventh season, pictoplasma is as exciting as ever. under the “form follows empathy” banner, the world’s lone character design festival moved into new headquarter silent green, a former crematory in wedding, while holding on to traditional hotspots babylon, platoon and urban spree. nltc photographer nora römer spent four days at the extravaganza for this massive picture perfect post…

pictoplasms.1.silentgreen pictoplasms.2.silentgreen pictoplasms.3.silentgreen pictoplasms.4.silentgreen pictoplasms.5.silentgreen pictoplasms.6.silentgreen pictoplasms.7.silentgreen pictoplasms.8.silentgreen pictoplasms.9.silentgreen
pictoplasma.1.urbanspree pictoplasma.2.urbanspree pictoplasma.3.urbanspree pictoplasma.4.urbanspree pictoplasma.5.urbanspree pictoplasma.6.urbanspree pictoplasma.7.urbanspree pictoplasma.8.urbanspree pictoplasma.9.urbanspree
pictoplasma.1.babylon pictoplasma.2.babylon