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berlin’s gastronomy scene might have made its name by understatement, but new vegan restaurant the bowl, due to officially open its doors this week, has arrived to make a splash. sitting above vegan supermarket veganz at warschauer straße, the bowl sports a 270° view over friedrichshain (including the full stretch of the raw area) – that is if you can take your eyes off the tasteful design of interior and the actual bowls.

indeed, there is no beating around the bush here: the bowl serves bowls. we tried several – the falafel bowl (beetroot | cashew-lemon sauce | fried eggplant | mixed greens), the mexican bowl (raw chocolate | fried corn | mixed greens), the raw salad bowl (zucchini noodles | classico dressing | cashew-lemon sauce | cherry tomoates | pumpkin seeds), to name but a few – and they were all delicious: accentuated, nuanced, colorful, and so in-your-face fresh you could literally taste how healthy and wholesome they are. the same holds true for the drinks, the highlight being the purple haze smoothie: featuring blueberries, hibiscus, banana, dates, hempseed, cinnamon, and coconut milk, it boasts a wide range of all things beautiful. just like the bowl.

all pictures by nora römer.

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