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“whenever someone asks me whether this dish is any good, i feel like i should get it for myself once more.” the dish holger ereb talks about is a 64°c organic egg, beautifully placed on top of a a colorful bed of goatcheese-gnocchi, truffle pork tenderloin and tarragon mayonnaise. and yes, it is as delicious as it comes promised by sfäär’s manager.


situated right on the brink of tallinn’s old town, sfäär is restaurant, café, and fashion store wrapped into one. the common denominator between these levels is a combination of high quality produce and passion: really good, soon excellent coffee, some glorious hidden gems on the wine menu, terrific food. so far so good, but what really sets sfäär apart from what up to here might as well sound like a fancy-schmancy place for hipsters and the well-to-do is its down-to-earth vibe.

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ereb proudly recalls harbor workers once recommended the place to a cruise ship couple just for the great coffee they always got there, and explains that the food servings are rather big on full purpose so even big guys don’t leave the place hungry. to prove his point, ereb orders a magnificent halibut fillet with crisps, garlic cream, and butter-soy-sauce – “fish’n’chips sfäär style”, as he puts it. it is a stunning dish, both imaginative and fulfilling.

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the same holds true for the atmosphere: slightly reminiscent of a bookshop and spotted by some of interior designer kristiine lõuk’s delicate work, sfäär is both a cozy meeting place and a true beauty – and definitely a place that will speak to all senses.

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