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ayurvedan deli dabbawalla is not what you might think at first. even though the name refers to mumbai’s vintage, well, take-out service, you won’t find specifially indian ingredients in the dishes; and even though it boosts an ayurvedan approach, jessika wildner and dennis dührkoop, who opened the place a few weeks ago in schöneberg’s hohenstauffenstraße, don’t necessarily care about your dosha.


“in our dishes, everything should work for everyone”, says wildner, adding that wishes and special needs would of course be respected. “you want to feel satisfied without feeling heavy or fed up. that’s what we go for.” it surely helps hat the all-vegetarian menu is small: a pasta dish, the soup of the day, a choice of home-made salads (all on display) – and a thali.


consisting of several small bowls of grain and chutneys plus some salad and bread, dabbawalla’s thali is a slightly, sometimes even completely different pleasure every day. it always caters to all six tastes, though. while this might sound a bit challenging at first, the food is actually deliciously light and will leave you fully satisfied, yet yearning for more sooner than later. new day, new thali.