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yerevan, capital of literally wonderful armenia, is a metropolis rich with contrasts: a gateway between europe and asia, the city’s architecture and people, its cuisines and culture make more traditional western melting pots look like homogenous havens of peace. hence, it makes perfect sense that one of yerevan’s finest hotels, the boutiquy nova hotel, lets its modern, minimalist feel bounce off one of the city’s typical backyards, which sometimes feel like outsized playgrounds for the beasts of the urban jungle. yet the nova provides a sense of international cool, the color palette toned down to greys and browns, with some plants for pop in the small lobby, while the breakfast restaurant, with its pastries and dried fruits (one of armenia’s most revered snacks) can feel refreshingly local…

in an exception to the rule of visual exclusivity on neverleavetheclouds, all pictures were provided by nova hotel yerevan. we messed up.