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the early afternoon sun is standing high and is impressing its flickering heat on the city of león. squares empty, as shiftless quiet is entering the streets. at this time of day, you better find a cool hammock spot in an umbrageous backyard.

as we hang back, the sky, with its mighty blue, is eating away at the sun and brings out the merry yellows, greens, and oranges of léon’s houses. the intense light seems to set afloat the catedral de león whose stark white paint is renewed regularly before the black basalt dust emanated from the volcanoes surrounding the city turns it grey. strolling across the cathedral’s rooftop feels like a walk among heavens. never leave the clouds.

as the sun is starting to set, the city comes back to life. not for no reason does santiago de los caballeros de león, as the city is called in its fullness, have a colorful sobriquet: la ciudad de locos y poetes. these are our favorite shots from the city of madmen and poets…