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a few months ago, we went on a five-day tour around vietnam. the trip was initiated and supported by turkish airlines. from istanbul, they fly into ho chi minh city, landing just in time for the new arrivals to the watch the city’s nightlife blossom. the third and final installment of our tripartite story (part one can be found here, part two here) takes us to hanoi and its excellent restaurant pots ‘n pans…

the streets of hanoi’s old town are loud and shrill, the air is hot and thick. we are in the middle of bùi thị xuân road. street traders carrying baskets filled to the brim with fresh fruit are scrimmaging through narrow alleys, chattering mopeds and countless people are creating what at first sight looks like utter chaos, but, as the minutes pass, turns into a motley adventure playground replete with charming details.

in one of the slim houses, in the shade created by a rubber plant, we find the little restaurant pots ‘n pans. in this quiet oasis, all the hustle and bustle is quickly forgotten. the walls are cool and the light is dimmed, with just a few sunrays getting through.

the menu is original in every sense of the word, where even classics like skewered chicken sate surprise with a fine twist. the ingredients are traditional, their treatment modern. frozen berries with steamed pak choi? fruity, salty-sweet, delicious. amazed and refreshed like that, we are ready once again to take on the outside world.