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it was multi-disciplinary festival aarhus festuge which lured neverleavetheclouds to denmark’s second city aarhus, but what cast a spell on us was not so much the dense program of concerts (see pictures we produced at an efterklang opera here), exhibitions, talks, and installations, but much rather the strong contrast of beauty and grit that left us in constant wonder which face the city would show around the next corner. hence, this picture perfect post is split in two sections, the sunny side and the dark side of aarhus…

neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B1 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B2 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B3 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B4 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B5 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B6 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B7 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B8 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B9 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B10 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.B11

neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A1 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A2 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A3 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A4 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A5 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A6 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A7 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A8 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A9 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A10 neverleavetheclouds.aarhus.A11

all photography by nora römer.