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old is new at le faubourg, the signature restaurant of sofitel berlin kurfürstendamm. the menu goes beyond the classics (“tradition”) and offers fresh takes (“nouveau”) on a choice of mainstays. we particularly loved the medium braised, almost creamy 24h beef (spinach |  port vine shallots | garden radish | potato) and the lamb (topinambur | asparagus | mini-artichoke | black garlic), which goes for shoulder and rack over the classic leg.

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however, the real treat at le faubourg are chef de cuisine felix mielke’s starters, especially the marvelous brown crab & ora king (cress | radish | green apple | wasabi | cucumber). you can check out the full menu here.

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the erudite accompaniment by austrian star sommelier mathias brandweiner and the imaginative desserts (our highlight: the mango & passion fruit ravioli on gin and milk chocolate ice cream!) allow for the perfect finishing touch.

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by the way: on august 13 and october 8, le faubourg hosts wine tastings (“meinwein”) by weingut hoffman and muhr van der nieport respectively.

this way to the the full picture perfect post on sofitel berlin kurfürstendamm.


all photography by nora römer.