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it’s not exactly an imaginative (let alone fashionable) move to build a creative piece of work around modest mussorgsky’s pictures at an exhibition, but that didn’t keep isabel vollrath from adding her own interpretation to that corpus. the results, displayed at me collector’s room, which hosted mercedes-benz fashion week‘s stage shows, were at times daring, but presented in such a frantic, unoriented manner it all ended up quite a mess, albeit a glorious one. right after the presentation, we took backstage for this close-up material study…

neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.01 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.02 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.03 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.04 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.05 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.06 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.07 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.08 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.09 neverleavetheclouds.mbfw15.ivollrath.10

all photography by nora römer.