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when hotel chain 25hours set foot in berlin, they did so planning on making a statement. a good year into their time, their success is palpable – thanks not least to their gastronomy: east mediterranean restaurant neni, a direct descendant of the original restaurant at vienna’s naschmarkt, is permanently well-booked, an rooftop refuge monkey bar offers an amazing view of the vast tiergarten and the city west. it is this rich contrast that inspired renowned designer werner aisslinger‘s vision of an “urban jungle”.

the other reason 25hours hotel bikini berlin, as is its official name, was quickly and warmly accepted is its knack for space and the conceptualization of visual appearance. for a place to work in berlin it needs to be unique and straightforward at the same time, and this is where aisslinger’s concept really flourishes, with elements of nature and culture playfully mingling and japanese artist yoshi sislay‘s frolicking illustrations seemingly overgrowing the walls. the 25hours hotel bikini berlin offers perfectly cozy rooms, but the real pleasure lies in strolling around its house.

all photography by nora römer.

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