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people at strandgut resort in sankt peter-ording are not afraid of change – they embrace it. placed right next to the pier heading out into the north sea, the hotel, which takes its resort signet from its direct passageway to major tourist draw dünentherme, has undergone some major changes since it started out in 2007.

but even before the tea lounge, which welcomes the visitor with an eclectic assortment, is remodeled and the fitness studio torn down to allow for more room in the kitchen catering to the hotel’s beautiful bistro deichkind, right now is a perfect time to relish the place as it is: light and friendly, respectful of the environment, with a knack for details (the walls in the rooms are covered in canvas!), and a striking view into the endless sunset over the ocean.

speaking of deichkind, by the way: the place is so delightful that i decided it should have its own post just for itself. you find it here.

all photography by nora römer.

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