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nltc.fb banner-kickoff

you’ve probably seen it by now, but yeah, this is it – neverleavethecloud’s brand new look & logo! designed by nora römer design, it is the harbinger of a full visual relaunch of the blog’s design later this year. for now, this should do.

new beginnings always set free unknown potentials of energy, and so it is with pleasure that i can announce my first media coop – a design installation / festival by reykjavik-based design space spark felleshus and organized by the nordic embassies in berlin at the end of january. more on that in about two weeks.

before that, fashion week is coming to berlin next week, and neverleavetheclouds will be around for the heck of it, mostly through its instagram account.


there will be more news and surprises as the year moves along. come on join the joyride!