berlin fashion week kicked off this week. even though my schedule is pretty selective this time around – i attended a mere three shows yesterday including an exciting afro-hoola hotchpotch by lena hoschek – and i am far from doing the full ginsberg and crashing every party, there will hardly be enough time to cover it in prose. my instagram account will be brimming, though, so please check it out and follow it here…


pictured above is a show of the summer 2015 #10 anniversary collection by rebekka ruétz. the confrontation of material (which she revels in) was a bit over the top for me the tenth time around, but i really loved the palette (click here to see the full show)! apocalyptic rain over berlin kept me away from their after show party at himmelbeet, but i will check out that brand new wedding café as soon as possible!

stay tuned!