yeah, i know, it’s been quiet around here.

after the massive easter weekend i caught a heavy cold, but still went on a business trip – and trippin’ it was considering i started it on 50 continuous hours of no sleep whatsoever. it also happened to be freakin’ amazing as we had the chance to see the ketel one distillery in schiedam, then had a 9th-floor dinner in rotterdam’s van nelle ontwerpfabriek (a former coffee factory now transformed into a cutting-edge event location), then took a speeding water taxi to the ss rotterdam for a good night’s sleep – and so on and so forth. several pictures can be found on the instagram account accompanying this blog:


don’t be surprised by the first few pictures. i am in the alps right now to cover a fashion show by rebekka ruétz, but that’s a different story – and, actually, a different publication

anyway, i squeezed in some hours in amsterdam yesterday, finally visiting the mother of all of amsterdam’s cultural institutions, the famous rijksmuseum

…and the much-talked-about speakeasy bar door 74. more about that soon, i guess – once the memories from that wild and wet night start returning in more than mere silhouettes. but again, check out and follow the instagram account for less filtered content!

back in amsterdam on monday – looking forward to seeing the wreckage king’s day will leave on the city today!