so i finally touched down this afternoon.

for the next several months, amsterdam will provide me with inspiration to live, work, and breathe easy, and possibly an idea of what home could feel like.

this blog will serve as a window into that experience. sometimes it will work as a diary about things done and undone, at other times it will look ahead. take it as it comes, as they say.

as for today, i am happy with the key to my new bike, a huge box of kitchen stuff (i see dishes and cutlery and a very red carving board!) and this sunset view from room 1330 at the student hotel in the nieuw-west area of the city:


i will do a neighbourhood tour of oud and nieuw west one of these days. coming down here by means of the tram 13 (which goes down rozengracht, but that’s a different story for another day) i already passed several nice cafés and a wine store.

seriously, this can only be good!

oh: please check out my instagram for additional photos throughout the entire trip!