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“two slovenes, three opinions” goes a slovene saying, but there can be only one impression one takes away from the pivo & burger fest in ljubljana. into its third installment, and operated by the people who run the food market “odprta kuhna” (“open kitchen”), it has taken the capital’s foodie crowd by storm. the concept combines two treats currently en vogue in gastronomy around the world: gourmet burgers (sometimes wildly creative) and craft beer.


we found our favorite at pivohram golar, one of about two dozen burger stands: built around a delicious chicken filet, it boasts blue cheese, eggplant, and a slice of mango.


other highlights included a 100& black angus beef burger (poached quail egg | caramelised onion | young spinach | bbq sauce) from sorbara steakhouse and the true no-bullshit statement classic “the boss” from as aperitivo. of course, there are also vegan choices, for example the chickpea burger (with fresh avocado and truffle fries) from bazilika.

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pivo and burger fest is a regular event, with the next installment due this october. make sure you plan your trip to ljbuljana accordingly!

all photography by nora römer.